Electromagnetic Simulations

High frequency measurements up to 30 GHz

From the network analysis of linear circuits to signal analysis, we cover the complete range of RF-circuit measurement techniques. Our equipment includes network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators and oscilloscopes.


EMC measurements

The radiation from microwave and other high frequency systems is subject to legal restrictions to avoid disturbing effects on other equipment or the environment. We offer the most suitable measuring technology and know-how for electromagnetic compatiblity measurements.


Antenna measurements

The characterization of antennas and arrays includes the measurement of the radiation pattern and gain. In addition, the near-filed properties are important.


RCS measurements

The radar backscatter cross section (RCS) characterizes objects in terms of detectability by radar. We offer measurements of the backscatter properties of point-and extended-area radar targets.


Measurements of dielectric material parameters

Whether it comes to the design of RF circuits or to the material processing with microwaves, the knowledge of the dielectric properties materials is of fundamental importance. We offer the measurements of the permittivity and loss factor for solid, liquid and granular materials.