RF and Microwave Systems

Microwave Drying and Heating Systems

Microwaves penetrate the material and heat it from the inside out and are therefore not dependent on the heat conduction in the material. Compared to conventional systems, microwave heating systems allow for faster and more efficient heating. We design and plan for your the microwave equipment and advise you on appropriate ways to use the microwaves in your production process. The possible applications are in the chemical industry, wood processing, the automotive industry and the food industry and include drying, heating, gluing, or sterilization. We take care of complete system design beginning with the concept and ending with the putting your system into operation and ensuring the compliance with the EMC regulations.


Radar and Sensor Systems

Radar-based microwave-assisted sensor systems allow for highly accurate and rapid determination of positions and velocities. Moreover they are working contactless. The applications range from the positioning of machines, via object detection to the level measurement in tanks. The advantage of radar-based sensors over optical methods is that they are able to operate even in changing light conditions as well as in dusty or humid environments. Our experience in this area extends from the development of suitable antennas to the processing and analyzing of the sensor data.


Communication and localization systems

Using ultra wideband systems not only high data rate communication systems may be realized but also the positions of objects in space can be determined with a high precision. With the help of our wave propagation models we are able to extract the object positions from the measurement data.